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Current COVID Policy

***UPDATE 12/04: Players are required to have masks out on the ice. Out of state Travelers: The state has asked all out of state travelers to take a COVID test 3 or fewer days prior to entry or quarantine for 14 days***

***UPDATE 10/01: GAMES ARE FULLY ROSTERED, 1 SPECTATOR PER PLAYER (or an equivalent policy described below), AND LOCKER ROOMS ARE CLOSED!!!***

Travel Champs is looking forward to hosting our next tournament soon! We are working hard to come up with as a safe plan to continue to host our events for you and your team!!  Please take a look at our general plan in place in order to maintain a safe and wonderful environment.  Please remember that the area guidelines are ever changing and we are behooven to the rules of the area  and rinks in which the tournament is being hosted.  We will keep our teams updated on any guideline change.  Please understand that in an effort to stay safe there may be some less than ideal circumstances.  We will do our best to find alternate viewing situations if we are in a situation where spectators are not allowed.  We are also asking people to maintain their social distance, we are working on ways to minimize our physical contact, and are sanitizing all of our surfaces. The rinks will also be sanitizing all areas of use for the players.  Masks will currently be required for all spectators (when allowed) workers, and coaches and players prior to entering the ice surface. Warmups are to be done outside of the arena. Please have players come to the arena as dressed as possible for the game.


Team, official, and staff safety, coupled with a fun and competitive player environment, is top of mind as we continue to move forward with both our tournament season. After speaking with our rink partners and USA Hockey officials, we have collectively decided to operate our tournaments under the following guidelines: Please remember we live in an ever changing current situation and these policies could change

Fans and Spectators: As of now, our main rink partners have been allowing 1 spectator per player at Twin Pond East and Lancaster Ice Rink.  Twin Ponds is self policing, but Lancaster will have an attendant there.  Klick Lewis is giving out 25 wristbands to non players (coaches, managers, included in needing a wristband).  Updates as far as exact policies in this ever changing world will be sent out as changes are made and as we get close to events.

General Foot Traffic: Our partnering rinks will have signage directing players, coaches, and personnel to and from the rink via a one-way foot traffic flow. Please follow the signage and directions as presented. Everyone within the rink will be required to wear a mask. This includes players while they are getting dressed. Masks can be removed prior to entering the ice surface.

Pre & Post Game Speeches: All pre and post game speeches should be done outside prior to game. Coaches are not permitted to gather a full team together in a single locker room.

Apparel: Please let tournament attendants handle the materials as much as possible to be able to show you sizes/designs!

Pro Shops & Skate Sharpening: Pro Shops will open and operating per facility guidelines.

Tournament Standings and Stats: Tournament scores and schedules will only be available online via our website.

Refund Policy: If your event is cancelled due to state restrictions, a full refund will be processed to the manager listed.  Please let us know if it would need to be made out to a different person/organization than is on your registration form.  If your team must cancel due to COVID restrictions in your neighborhood or on your team, a full refund would be processed up to 2 weeks prior to the event.  Within that 2 week time period, a tournament credit would be offered to your team or organization later on in the season.

The above guidelines are non-negotiable and we believe imperative for the safety of our tournament guests and rink staff. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to either of us.

Thank You,
The TC Team