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Age Group: 9U, 10U, & 11U

Event Status: Closed

Event Rules PDF: Download

Teams Registered


  • KAU Knights
  • Hershey All Star 10U
  • West Hanover 10U
  • Palmyra All Stars 10U
  • PHR
  • Hershey All Stars (10U) - White
  • ElizabethTown
  • Greencastle All Stars


  • Upper Providence Wolverines
  • Moon Tigers White
  • Hershey ALl Stars - 11U
  • Waynesboro 11U
  • Mechanicsburg Wildcats
  • Palmyra All Stars 11U
  • Hampden
  • State College


  • Hershey All Star - 9U
  • Upper Moreland Bears
  • Palmyra All Stars 9U
  • SWS Pioneers
  • Elizabethtown


Bookings are closed for this event.


Hilton Garden Inn - Hershey
Distance to Venue

Hersheypark Arena/Giant Center: 2.3 miles
Twin Ponds East: 9.9 miles
Twin Ponds West: 19.2 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 8.1 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 29.3 miles
Regency Sportsrink: 30.7 miles
HLL North/South/Plaza Fields: 3.5 miles
Gelder Park: 3.3 miles

Hilton Garden Inn Hershey
Contact: Barbara Lock
Phone: 717-566-9292
Website: Visit Website
Address: 550 East Main Street, Hummelstown, PA
Beds:King or 2 Doubles
Breakfast Included:Available at additional cost
Restaurant Onsite:Yes (Breakfast and Dinner)
Labor Day 2017SOLD OUT
Halloween Howl 2017$134.00
Thanksgiving 2017$134.00
Christmas 2017TBD
AAA Super Series / Reflections 2018TBD
St. Patrick's Day 2018TBD
PeeWee Cup 2018TBD

Distance to Venue

Twin Ponds East: 5.9 miles
Hersheypark Arena/Giant Center: 10.9 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 15.3 miles
Twin Ponds West: 15.4 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 30.3 miles
Regency Sportsrink: 31.7 miles

Holiday Inn Harrisburg East
Phone: 717-571-5056
Website: Visit Website
Address: 815 S. Eisenhower Blvd., Middletown, PA
Breakfast Included:$5 buffet per person
Restaurant Onsite:Yes
See What Ya Got 2017$149.00
Hershey Summer Slam 2017$149.00
Labor Day 2017$125.00
Halloween Howl 2017$125.00
Thanksgiving 2017$125.00
Christmas 2017$109.00
AAA Super Series / Reflections 2018$129.00
St. Patrick's Day 2017$125.00
St. Patrick's Day 2018$139.00
PeeWee Cup 2017$125.00
PeeWee Cup 2018$129.00

Distance to Venue

Hersheypark Arena: 3 miles
Twin Ponds East: 9.5 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 8.8 miles
Twin Ponds West: 19.2 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 29.4 miles
Regency Sportsrink: 30.8 miles

Holiday Inn Express Hershey
Contact: Jolene Nuhfer
Phone: 717-583-0500
Website: Visit Website
Address: 610 Walton Avenue, Hummelstown, PA
Beds:Two Queen Beds
Breakfast Included:Yes
Restaurant Onsite:No
Hershey Summer Slam 2017$179.00
Labor Day 2017$179.00
Halloween Howl 2017$169.00
Thanksgiving 2017$169.00
Christmas 2017$129.00
Reflections Synchro 2018$134.00
AAA Super Series 2018$134.00
St. Patrick's Day 2017/2018$169.00
PeeWee Cup$149.00

Distance to Venue

Hersheypark Arena/Giant Center: 11.9 miles
Twin Ponds East: 3.1 miles
Twin Ponds West: 11.9 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 15 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 31.1 miles
Regency Sportsrink: 32.5 miles

Sleep Inn & Suites Harrisburg
Phone: (717) 564-8888
Website: Visit Website
Address: 631 Eisenhower Blvd, Harrisburg, PA
Beds:Two-Queens or King with Pullout
Breakfast Included:Yes
Restaurant Onsite:No
See What Ya Got 2017$139.00
Hershey Summer Slam 2017$139.00
Labor Day 2017$109.00
Halloween Howl 2017$99.00
Thanksgiving 2017$99.00
Christmas 2017$94.00
AAA Super Series / Reflections 2018$119.00
St. Patrick's Day 2018$119.00
PeeWee Cup 2018$119.00

Distance to Venue

Hersheypark Arena/Giant Center: 15 miles
Twin Ponds East: 7.2 miles
Twin Ponds West: 9.4 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 17.5 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 35.9 miles
Regency Sportsrink: 37.9 miles

Crowne Plaza Harrisburg/Hershey
Contact: Matthew Little
Phone: (717) 234-5021
Website: Visit Website
Address: 23 S 2nd St , Harrisburg, PA
Beds:King OR 2 Double Beds
Breakfast Included:Available at additional cost
Restaurant Onsite:Yes
Labor Day$129.00
Halloween Howl$109.00
New Year's$149.00
Eastern Synchronized Skating Sectional Championships$129.00
AAA Super Series$129.00
St. Patrick's Day$149.00
PeeWee Cup$179.00

Distance to Venue

Hersheypark Arena/Giant Center: 12.2 miles
Twin Ponds East: 1.4 miles
Twin Ponds West: 14.2 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 16.5 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 34.3 miles
Regency Ice Rink: 35.7 miles
Hershey High School: 11.9 miles

Best Western Premier, the Central Hotel
Contact: Tabitha Lauro
Phone: 717-561-2800
Website: Visit Website
Address: 800 East Park Drive, Harrisburg, PA

Whether you’re coming to town for ice or field events the Central Hotel is your ideal location to be in the center of all the action. Ice or fields you are a short 20 minute drive to your venue. Of course at the hotel your TEAMS will be pampered with a large heated indoor pool, state of the art fitness center and game room. We have the ideal way to start your day with our bountiful buffet breakfast available in O’Reilly’s Tap Room and Kitchen. (additional charge, but worth it) When you return after a long day of competition no better place to relax, yes you guessed it, O’Reilly’s Tap Room and Kitchen for your choice of American or Irish fare. Make your reservations now, and stay with the leader in TEAM hospitality.

Beds:Two-Queens or King w/ pullout
Breakfast Included:Available at additional cost
Restaurant Onsite:Yes (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Labor Day 2017$138.95
Halloween Howl 2017$124.95
Thanksgiving 2017$135.95
Christmas 2017$103.95
AAA Super Series / Reflections 2018$124.95
St. Patrick's Day 2018$135.95
PeeWee Cup 2018$135.95

Distance to Venue

Hersheypark Arena/Giant Center: 13.3 miles
Twin Ponds East: 0.6 mile
Twin Ponds West: 13.6 miles
Klick Lewis Arena: 16.4 miles
Lancaster Ice Rink: 33.7 miles
Regency Sportsrink: 35.4 miles

Holiday Inn Express Harrisburg Hershey East (Union Deposit)
Contact: Lindsey Sommer
Phone: 717-561-8100
Website: Visit Website
Address: 4021 Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, PA
Beds:King or 2 Doubles
Breakfast Included:Yes
Restaurant Onsite:No
Labor Day 2017SOLD OUT
Halloween Howl 2017$119.99
Thanksgiving 2017$99.99
Christmas 2017$105.00
AAA Super Series / Reflections 2018$136.00
St. Patrick's Day 2018$146.00
PeeWee Cup 2018TBD

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